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Our mediation services provide parties the chance to resolve their divorce and post-divorce disputes with facilitation by a mediator experienced in family law, without the need for litigation.

As a part of our mediation service, we can also draft any and all documents necessary for filing in the Massachusetts courts.

Approach to mediation


Our approach to mediation starts with identifying areas of consensus and building on the parties' working relationship to address each issue that needs resolution. In addition, because of our expertise in special education law, we are uniquely positioned to provide effective mediation for families of children with disabilities.

Issues that couples can resolve in mediation

  - Division of marital assets
- Spousal support
- Child support
- Custody and parenting schedules
- Educational and related needs of children
- Health benefits
- Retirement benefits
- Other case-specific issues

Given our expertise in special education, we are also able to effectively address the unique issues of children with disabilities.


Please feel free to contact us to learn if mediation is right in your situation.

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